Four / eight electrode body scale
Chiplon Technology provides intelligent IC+BLE/WiFi module+standardization scheme/algorithm+cored cloud+super APP one-stop solution to help partners achieve low-cost and fast hardware intelligentization.
  • High performance AFE analog front-end chip
    CS1256- four electrode bioimpedance measurement chip
    24bits ADC and BIM are used to support multi electrode and multi frequency human body impedance measurement with accuracy up to 19.5 Bit.
  • High performance AFE analog front-end chip
    CS1258- eight electrode bioimpedance measurement chip
    It has 5-channel high-precision 24 bits ADC and human body impedance measurement function, supports up to eight electrodes and multi-frequency alternating current lipid measurement.
  • Low power Bluetooth SOC
    CST34M97 / CST34M98
    Based on Low Power Bluetooth 4.1 protocol stack, it is suitable for Bluetooth low power, low cost and high performance wireless MCU.
  • PaaS+SaaS cloud platform
    Core cloud
    Provide a one-stop solution for hardware and software to help partners achieve hardware intelligence at low cost and speed
  • Health Management APP
    OKOK Health
    Physician measurement analysis, nutrition/sports/health management, and social functions